Shopping in Rwanda

Cooperative des Artisans Rwandais.
This sells locally produced crafts at a lower price and sometimes you can receive a discount.However there also other crafts shops in Rwanda, so, this is not the only one.
Dancing Pots Kigali. The Forest People (Batwa Pygmies) s’ Project has been training potters to produce terracotta pieces .These pieces can be bought here.
Librairie Ikirezi Kigali. This is a bookshop that stocks books in Kigali. Their collection includes English and French Language books
Centre du Frais Alimentation Generale Kigali
This supermarket is one of the best stocked in Rwanda (with imports).
Librairie Caritas Kigali
This bookshop that stocks French titles.
Caplaki Kigali, Rwanda
This is another major point for cafts.


Simba Supermarket.

This is an Indegenous Supermarket(Company) which offers locally produced fresh foods.It also has butchery which offers locally produced meats.The supermarket also has what they call(in their terms) a “German week”. They also have an ATM machine which functions very well. Among the services that you should hope to get for from this supermarket are:-Several varieties of Rwandese Cheese,fresh bakery, produce, housewares, wine/spirits, cleaners, sweets, sauces and tinned food,imported brands, foods and of course wines. In fact they have the best wine selection of any store in Rwanda. They also have a large electrical/appliance area, some furniture and a few clothes. They also have a café for a meal or take-away pizza and a cold drink.


This Chain of Kenyan retail Stores have a branch in Rwanda,Plans are underway to add on their branch in Kigali.They have items like electronics,foodstuffs,wines,spirits,etc.

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