Entertainment Spots in Rwanda

  1. New Cadillac
    This  is an open air venue which is very large is Located in the Kimikurure district ,Kigali, and plays a mixture of East African pop, Congolese soukous(dance music) and Western hits most nights. Buying a drink here is very costly but being here is something showy and it says a lot about your social status.
    2. Carwash Bar
    This is literally a car washing bay. But as you drop your car for some washing, you can always chill with beer as you continue your journey to the club in Kimikurure District.
    3.Republika Lounge Bar
    This is also one of the places to be in Kigali. Located in Kiyovu area, in its terrace, you have the great views. It has a well stocked bar and is beautifully furnished and also snacks can be found here.
    4. Abraxas
    On Fridays, many local bands are always here. Daily music includes jazz, reggae and international hits, after some rounds of drinks (mostly beer); people got to dance themselves silly.
    5. Bel Air Bar  
    It is located in the local area, but has spectacular views of Kigali city center.
    6. Nyira Rock
    A local nightclub in the city centre, which offers cheap beer.

7.Planet Club

This trendy nightclub is often called KBC.It is usually off during the weekends.
Centre D’Echanges Culturels Franco-Rwandais
Overlooking Place de l’Unité Nationale, this place has live music at the weekend .

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