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Note: Although Rwanda is politically stable, travellers are advised to avoid being closer to the borders with Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pays des Milles Collines (Land of a Thousand Hills), Rwanda is a lush country of endless mountains.The peaks of the Virunga volcanoes are the most majestic in the world so far.These mountains found In Parc National Des Volcans, the volcanoes form a natural border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda, and in it’s jungles and bamboos, are hidden a considerable percentage of the world’s last remaining Mountain Gorillas.
The shores of Lake Kivu can provide you with some of the best inland beaches on the continent. Deep in the southwest, Parc National Nyungwe Forest is the most extensive montane rainforest in the region, and home to many primates.
Rwanda has five volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and numerous rivers, some forming the source of River Nile. Spectacular volcanoes and dense tropical forests dominate the north of the country, while gentle hills and valleys, calm lakes and turbulent rivers in both savannah and dense tropical vegetation dominate the rest of the country.
 Rwandan Visas:

Foreign Nationals who wish to get Rwandan Visas can submit their applications to Rwandan Diplomatic Missions in their Countries.
For those coming from countries where there is no Diplomatic Mission, they should request for an entry on line which will be used to obtain a visa on any official point of entry (airport or border post) in Rwanda.
In view of the bilateral agreements, the Nationals of the following Countries may visit Rwanda without visa for a period up to 90 days: USA, Germany, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong and Burundi.
The visitor’s visa should not be used for employment.
    Categories of Visas 
The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration issues the following visas :

General Information for an Applicant Seeking To Visit Rwanda On a Tourist Visa
Travel Document: An applicant shall be holder of a valid passport or another acceptable travel document. The document must have a validity of at least 6 months on the day of entry in Rwanda.
Health Requirements: A vaccination certificate may be required at the border post. In the event of a major disease outbreak, specific requirements could be set and put to the knowledge of the applicants.
Visa Fees: These are fees for processing of applications. If applications are refused, or withdrawn by the applicant, refunds of fees will not be made.
Validity of Visas: The maximum and Minimum period of validity of visas is set out in the Information for Applicants for each visa class.
Single or Multiple Entries: Whether a visa will usually be issued for single or multiple entries is set out in the Information for Applicants for each visa class.
Financial Requirements: An applicant must have sufficient funds to cover the costs of their stay in Rwanda. Evidence for such funds may be requested online, at the Rwandan foreign mission or at the entry point. Extension of Visas for Some Classes: Some visa classes may be extended. Details are set out in the Information for Applicants for each class.
Extensions of visas should be applied for whilst initial visas remain valid.
A period of grace also allows a visa holder 5 days after their visa expires to depart the country, without penalty. Persons who depart more than 5 days after the expiry of their visa may be subject to a fine and may be refused a further visa.
Change of Status for Some Classes: An applicant may apply to the Director General for another class of visa whilst they are in Rwanda and whilst their current visa remains valid.
For the Group tourist visa change of status is not permitted. Information for Applicants for the particular visa classes will state if change of status is not allowed.
Verification of Documents: Documents, supporting applications, must be originals or certified as true copies by the issuing authority.
 Categories of Visas 
The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration issues the following visas :
 1.V-1 Entry visa 

 2. Q-Transit Visa 

3. Tourist Visa 


 1. Temporary Resident Permits 

 2. Permanent resident Permit 


General  Conditions To Obtain Rwandan Visas :
The applicant should have:

NB:  Police clearance from country of residence within the last six months is required
when applying for resident visa
 Rwandan  Travel Documents  

  1. Rwandan Passports:
  1. Diplomatic passport.
  2. Laissez passer.
  3. CEPGL.
  4. Emergency travel document (not yet in place).
  5. Refugee travel document.
  6. Collective laissez-passer (not yet in place).
  7. Border pass.


The biggest airlines flying to Rwanda are KLM flights to Rwanda, Kenya Airways flights to Rwanda, Qatar Airways flights to Rwanda.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

South African Airways.


Kenya Airways.


Precision Air.

Qatar Airways.

Rwandair Express.

Air Canada.

Ethiopian Airlines.


US Airways.

Brussels Airlines.

Air France.



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