Burundi Shopping

Escale du Bien Alimentation.
The first on the left after Librarie St Paul around Ave Rwagasore.Good and Fresh Vegetables are stocked twice a week. The staff is very friendly and it has almost what all other shops have. The products include good quality local eggs, standard brown bread and cheese and sausages.
They have real eggs (with yellow yolks, not the alien white yolk eggs). They have vegetables, but not the same variety as Au Bon Prix. Sometimes, they carry Leffe Fido Dido.
This is a good place where to get white wine, has a bakery next door and is usually quite crowded.
This is the most expensive supermarket in town. This is a large shop with all sorts of items, patés and cheese imported from Europe, metal forks, household items, and decent wines.
Up the road north from Dmitris (not toward Boucherie Nouvelle) and just at the next junction you will see a small shop that sells all types of local fish.
Next to the Poissonerie, a packed little supermarket. Here you will come across a small selection of good produce, and souvenirs. Open every day, even Sunday.
Boucherie Nouvelle.
Many will agree that this is the best place to buy meat, cheeses, homemade sausages, salami, prepared meats for barbecues, other imported and local items like chutneys and sauces. Sometimes, they have chicken. They also have frozen seafood, like crab and shrimp.
There are other branches of Boucherie Nouvelle all over Bujumbura.
Au Bon Prix.
There are many things that are unique to only this place; a good selection of hams and cheeses, a nice local goat cheese which is also soft, almost a chevre, as well as a large selection of vegetables such as grapes, and little orange mushrooms etc when they are in season. Very nice vegetables, strawberries and fruits, as well.
Marche Central.
Here you will find the best prices but expect the thieves to be around, so, you must be very careful.
Craft Market.
On Rue Rwagasore, near the U.S. Embassy. These stalls sell local and Congolese handicrafts (textiles, statues, and masks, in particular). There is also a place to buy vegetables, sauces, and local jams.
Congolese Market.
Across from the Hotel Source du Nil. Here vendors sell masks, statues, and other odds and ends from Congo.
Indian shop near Peace House and stadium.
The most common commodities here arte house hold items like pillows, to food mixers, cutlery, etc. They also have some food items that come in from Nairobi such as some spices, sauces etc.
There are two centers: one on the way out of town, and one in Kigobe (off the 28 Novembre), near where the new U.S. Embassy will be set up. Here there is local pottery, fine chicken, household items and school supplies.
Centre des Femmes Musaga.
A place where you can get great painted materials like curtains, T-shirts, wall hangings etc.

2000 or the Chinese Shop.
Electric cars, coffee mugs – a large store with electric gadgets, household items etc. All is found here.

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