Burundi Fashion

The Burundi clothing mainly consists of pagnes (wraparounds) which are the convenient outfits of the Burundians. In the rural parts of Burundi, young girls, women and aged men generally wear this type of clothing.
There is a common kind of two piece cloth usually worn by the Burundian herders- a cord round their waist.
Since most of the Barundi are very poor, they can’t even afford to buy proper clothes and shoes for themselves. In most Villages, people “stamp the ground” which means that they walk on bare feet. But in Bujumbura, the people prefer to wear “designer” Burundi clothing. The style conscious men and women of the capital city are known as the “sapeurs”.
The clothing of Burundi in this part of the country comprises of suits, ties, fashionable western dresses. Men prefer to wear suits with ties and women dress up in western clothes. T-shirts and Blue jeans are very common among the Burundi youths.
The Burundi clothing is simply designed. It is made in such a way that the wearer feels comfortable and is able to perform their work properly. Simply designed jewelries are worn during any auspicious occasion or wedding occasion.

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