Burundi Entertainment

The most common forms of entertainment enjoyed by the natives of Burundi include socializing with family and friends, poetry recitation (this usually has a special form of contest known as Kivivuga amazina which is common among the cattle herders) and story telling.

However,for city dwellers,these are their mosty preferd entertainment points:-

Eden du Lac.
This lies north of the Cercle Nautique, this is a garden bar where drinking with a view and dining takes place.
Chez Ruhara.
The very useful club in Buj, Chez.Once inside, it really rocks and has deservedly earned the nickname ‘Jazz Club’. There is a mixture of African and international tunes, a steady flow of drinks and you can party all night
Havana Club.
There is serious partying at this place from Sunday to Sunday, but be very careful as there are many pick-pocketers around this place.
Le Braisière.
Here there is live music as there is a local band playing on Saturday night from 19:00.

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