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Burundi Sports.

Burundi people like playing various indoor and outdoor games. "Horo" is a kind of ball game usually played by the girls. One of the ancient games namely "urubugu" is quiet famous among Burundians of all age group.
Sports from a very crucial part in the recreation activities sector in Burundi.

The Burundian Ministry of Youth and Sports provides adequate support to sports in Burundi. The Ministry also organizes various sports activities always to allow people to explore the sports world.
The minister of youth and sports is Mr. Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo.


Mr. Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo.

Soccer (Football) is the national game and Burundians have competed in almost all African Competitions

burundi soccer team

Burundi National Soccer team
The second popular sport of Burundi is basketball.
Track and field events are also cherished among Burundians and the students of Burundi also shaped the international stage their exceptional talent.





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